Ground 40 Restoration House

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Level 2 & 3

After graduating from the Ground 40 Farm, or otherwise determined by staff specific to an individual’s situation, the men are welcome to move into our second discipleship home, the Restoration House. 


At the Ground 40 Restoration House, our disciples continue to strengthen their relationship with God into the body of Christ with mentors from local church partners, and are now able to be reintroduced to a paid work-life.


The Restoration House offers unique opportunities for the disciples to work with local business partners to step back into the workforce with a trade or vocational experience specific to the disciple.


While still fostering a healthy and safe environment for a man’s heart to change and grow in their relationship with Christ, disciples at the Restoration House are reintroduced to worldly amenities and given controlled access to transportation, phones, and televisions.

Once a disciple, with the mutual confidence of the ministry, believes they are ready to re-enter their life with a renewed sense of confidence in the Lord to battle the temptations of this world, they are welcomed to return to their individual lives renewed, refreshed, stronger, and healthier.

Who We Are

Ground 40 is a faith based organization providing practical and spiritual needs to those transitioning back into the community.


Mailing: 303 Dale Street, Monroe, NC 28112

Office Phone: 704-883-5185