Ground 40 Farm

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Level 1

The Ground 40 Farm is a favorable and safe environment that allows for the awakening and renewing of a man’s heart. It mimics a story known by many, of the first garden with our God the Father, and in perfect communion with the Maker. God knew that He was creating an atmosphere that would minister to a heart better than any other job could.


On the Ground 40 farm, men get to live and work in a distraction free environment. Though every man’s journey can be different, and God’s timing is unique to us all, the first 120 days of our program are spent here. Then, with confidence of the individual and our staff members, they are welcome to transition to the Ground 40 Restoration House.
Who We Are

Ground 40 is a faith based organization providing practical and spiritual needs to those transitioning back into the community.


Mailing: 303 Dale Street, Monroe, NC 28112

Office Phone: 704-883-5185